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Expert Vectorization Services for Screen Printing: Transforming Your Designs with Precision

Welcome to Famous Embroidery, the go-to provider for vectorization services for screen printing in the USA and UK. We specialize in converting raster images into high-quality vector art, ensuring exceptional screen printing results that make your designs stand out. Whether you require JPEG to vector conversion, color separation, image tracing, or any other vectorization service, we have the expertise and advanced technology to bring your vision to life on any printed medium.

What is Vectorization?

Vectorization is the process of converting raster images (such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF) into vector graphics using specialized software. Unlike raster images, which are composed of pixels and can lose quality when scaled, vector graphics are created using mathematical equations, allowing them to be scaled infinitely without any loss in resolution. Vector art is essential for screen printing as it ensures sharp, clean lines and vibrant colors that are perfect for apparel, promotional items, and more.

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    Raster to Vector Conversion:

    We can convert any raster image, such as PNG, TIFF, or BMP, into a clean and scalable vector format. Our experienced vector artists carefully redraw your raster image, ensuring accuracy and capturing the finest details, resulting in a high-quality vector file that can be scaled up or down without compromising on clarity.

    Raster Image to Vector Creation Services
    Image and Vector Tracing Services

    Image and Vector Tracing:

    If you have low-resolution or pixelated images that you want to use for screen printing, our image tracing and vector tracing services are the perfect solution. Using advanced software and manual techniques, we meticulously trace and recreate your images as vector graphics, ensuring crisp and sharp lines, curves, and details for superior print quality.

    Color Separation:

    Our color separation service allows for precise separation of colors in your design, enabling smooth and accurate printing on different screens. Our skilled technicians carefully analyze your artwork, separating it into individual color channels to achieve optimal printing results, ensuring vibrant and consistent colors on each layer.


    Fastest Turnaround Time

    Fast Turnaround Time

    We have a quick turnaround time for digitizing and designing. Get your design digitized with in hours.

    Best Quality Embroidery Digitizing

    Quality Assurance

    We have strict quality check process. Each design has to pass different phases of quality check that comprises of seven steps.

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    We have a safe and secure payment method. We accept PayPal and all major cards.

    Creative experts gathered together

    We can convert your imaginary ideas, logos, and images to vector and printable files which can also be used on web services. Get a clear vision and highly expandable vector file for your logos to be used on multiple platforms.

    • Low price guaranteed
    • Print-ready files with color separation for multi-color designs.
    • Individual attention to our client needs.
    • No pixelated or corner cut view.
    • Advance color selection technique.
    • All vector formats available including .ai,.eps,.cdr,.pdf, etc.

    Experience the power of the world's leading embroidery software.

    At Famous Embroidery, we utilize the industry’s most renowned digitizing software to create exceptional embroidery files for your projects.

    Famous Vectorization Service for Screen Printing
    Vector Art for Screen Printing

    Experience the power of the world's leading embroidery software.

    We offer a wide range of file formats to ensure smooth integration with your system or embroidery program.

    Software format

    Illustrator - .AI

    CorelDraw - CDR

    Universal formats





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